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Aaron Kopp, PE

Aaron Kopp’s career has focused on developing sustainable solutions for water resource and river/stream restoration projects. His skill set includes geomorphic assessment, innovative ELJ and LWD structures for conceptual and final designs, 1 and 2D hydraulic modeling, and sediment transport. His experience has covered a wide spectrum of geomorphic settings, aquatic habitat enhancement and river engineering. From California to North Carolina, stream restoration projects were conducted by Mr. Kopp through all project phases; assessment, design, construction, maintenance, and monitoring. Recent design and construction projects have focused on Pacific Northwest salmonids habitat, side channel reconnection, large wood installations (ELJs, crib walls, LWD structures) for habitat and infrastructure protection, and restoring hydrologic floodplain connectivity. In western Washington, where the relocation or resizing of rivers is often not practical, Mr. Kopp has used innovative, ecologically sustainable solutions (such as Engineered Log Jams) to achieve restoration goals. Hazard assessments and infrastructure protection solutions have been a critical aspect of his work in for national parks, leveed residential areas, and multimillion dollar state highway bridges.