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Bill Fullerton, PE

Mr. Fullerton has over 25 years of experience in the field of hydraulics and its application to the solution of civil engineering and environmental problems. His primary expertise is in the areas of hydraulics, sediment transport, geomorphology, hydrology, stream restoration, wetland creation, and hydrologic data collection in river systems. As project manager or engineer, he has completed numerous projects involving the geomorphic and sediment transport analysis of river systems, water and sediment routing from watershed systems, reservoir sedimentation studies, river stability analysis, design of stream restoration, floodplain determination, design of channel stabilization measures, design of wetlands restoration/creation, the hydraulic design of structures in the river environment, and the design of erosion control measures. He has also managed numerous projects consisting of extensive hydrologic data collection efforts including sediment transport measurements, reservoir sediment surveys, aquatic habitat surveys, water quality sampling, channel cross-section surveys, river discharge measurements, and the installation and maintenance of flow measurement stations.